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Facebook Ad Results: How to Track Your Performance

June 26, 2024

We, as a top digital marketing company in Pakistan know that running Facebook Ads can be a powerful tool for reaching new customers and growing your business. But how do you know if your ads are working? Because your ads go stale if the same ones keep running for a longer period. Statics show a 16% drop in purchase intent amongst those who had seen the same ad six times or more. 

The audience is less likely to interact with your ad if it frequently appears in their news feed, which can result in creative fatigue, low engagement, and increased costs. 

But to know if your ads are duly performing, here are a few terms devised by performance marketing agencies to measure if your ads are performing: 

Return on Ad Spend (ROAS)

Return on ad spend (ROAS) measures the revenue earned for every dollar spent on advertising, serving as a crucial metric for evaluating the profitability of your Facebook ads. To determine your ROAS, divide your total revenue by your total ad expenditure. For instance, if you earned $270 in revenue from your Facebook ads and spent $54 on them, your ROAS would be 5.

You can find your ROAS in Ads Manager under the “Purchase ROAS” column.

A high ROAS indicates that your ads are performing well and generating substantial revenue relative to their cost. To optimize your ROAS, consider refining your target audience, improving ad creatives, and adjusting your bidding strategy. Additionally, regularly monitoring and analyzing your ROAS can help identify trends and opportunities for further enhancement of your advertising efforts.

For further information on how we can you can improve ROAS, we as the best digital marketing agency Karachi can help you. 

Purchase Conversion Value

Purchase conversion value represents the total revenue generated from purchases attributed to your advertising efforts. This metric provides insight into the monetary success of your Facebook ads.

You can locate your purchase conversion value in Ads Manager under the “Purchase Conversion Value” column.

Understanding this metric helps you gauge the effectiveness of your ad campaigns in driving sales. By monitoring purchase conversion value, you can optimize your ad strategies to maximize revenue. Consider analyzing which ads, audiences, and placements contribute most to your purchase conversion value to refine your approach and boost overall performance.

 Cost per Purchase

Cost per purchase indicates the amount spent to acquire each new customer through your advertising efforts. This metric reflects the efficiency of your Facebook ads in converting clicks into actual sales.

To determine the cost per purchase, divide your total ad spend by the number of purchases made. For instance, if you spent $54 on ads and secured 10 purchases, your cost per purchase would be $5.40.

You can find your cost per purchase in Ads Manager under the “Cost per Purchase” column.

A lower cost per purchase means your ads are more effective at generating sales for less money, which is crucial for maintaining profitability. To optimize this metric, consider experimenting with different ad creatives, targeting options, and bidding strategies. Additionally, regularly reviewing and adjusting your campaigns based on performance data can help improve your cost per purchase over time, ensuring a more efficient allocation of your advertising budget.

Facebook ads expert at Growex, a performance marketing agency is here to help measure accurate cost per purchase and implement strategies accordingly. 

Click-Through Rate (CTR)

Click-through rate (CTR) for performance marketing analysts represents the percentage of viewers who click on your ad after seeing it. This metric indicates how compelling and engaging your ad copy and creative elements are.

To calculate CTR, divide the number of clicks by the number of impressions and multiply by 100 to get a percentage. For example, if your ad received 100 clicks and 1,000 impressions, your CTR would be 10%.

You can find your CTR in Ads Manager under the “CTR” column.

A higher CTR suggests that your ad resonates well with your audience, effectively capturing their interest. To improve your CTR, consider optimizing your ad copy, using eye-catching visuals, and ensuring a clear call-to-action. Additionally, targeting the right audience and continually testing different variations of your ads can help increase your CTR, ultimately leading to better overall ad performance.


A lead is an individual who expresses interest in your brand's products or services. This could be through subscribing to your email list, filling out a contact form, or clicking a link to your website.

In Facebook Ads, you can track leads, their cost per lead, and other related metrics.

Earnings per Lead (EPL)

Earnings per lead (EPL) measures the average revenue generated from each lead. This metric indicates the value each new lead brings to your business.

Understanding your EPL helps you evaluate the effectiveness of your lead generation efforts and the overall profitability of your marketing campaigns. 

How can we Help? 

At Growex, one of the best digital marketing agencies in Lahore, we excel in tracking and enhancing these key performance metrics. Utilizing advanced tracking tools and custom reports, we provide real-time insights into campaign performance. Our data-driven strategy development ensures targeted campaigns and personalized messaging, optimizing engagement and conversion rates. Through continuous optimization, including A/B testing, we refine campaigns to improve cost efficiency and maximize ROI. Our conversion rate optimization efforts, such as landing page enhancements and UX improvements, further boost conversions. By smartly allocating ad spend and analyzing earnings per lead, we ensure marketing efforts remain profitable. Regular updates and strategic recommendations keep clients informed and empowered to make data-driven decisions. Leveraging our expertise and advanced tools, Growex ensures that Facebook ads achieve optimal performance and profitability.

Contact us at:

Growex - Your Digital Growth Partner

We, as a top digital marketing company in Pakistan know that running Facebook Ads can be a powerful tool for reaching new customers and growing your business.

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